Company profile

As a global advanced R & D and manufacturer of scale prevention and removal products of polymer nano materials, ZenI (Shanghai) Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.provides users with high-quality products and professional scale prevention and removal solutions. Today, ZenI has become one of the fastest growing professional manufacturers in the global scale prevention and removal industry. Our only mission is to serve every customer with the excellent quality of our anti scaling products. Our vision is to become an international, customer-oriented and dynamic supplier of anti scaling products.

Since the company entered the Chinese market in 2018, with the core technology of nano materials from Germany, ZenI has rapidly become the main supplier of waterproof scale in various industrial and civil fields in China. Business areas throughout the petrochemical industry, power generation, shipping, rubber and plastic, all kinds of plastic products production, central air conditioning, textile printing and dyeing and other industries.

With high-quality products, professional team and flexible market strategy, ZenI is determined to provide more efficient and perfect scale prevention and removal services for Chinese users. With the same blue sky and the same water source, ZenI (Shanghai) Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. will make our contribution to energy conservation, emission reduction and protection of water resources and environment shared by mankind.